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History of Harvest, Alabama

Harvest, Alabama is a community that is located within Madison County. A rather small community, Harvest is home to around 5,281 occupants, according to a recent census. This area dates back to the early 1800's and was once a part of the Cherokee lands. Today, many residents that live in Harvest are still at least half Cherokee Native American. Harvest became a more prominent area when a railroad was later established, connecting Fayetteville, Tennessee to the community. Over the years, Harvest has showed some growth in population and has built many amenities and Harvest homes for residents of the area. Because of its location, the town has been hit by several devastating events in history. In 1974, Harvest was hit by the Super Outbreak tornado. Many people were injured or killed in this F5 tornado event. Another tornado occurred in April of 2011, leaving destruction in its wake. In March of 2012, another tornado hit the same area as the event in 2011, destroying Harvest AL homes that were currently being rebuilt from the previous tornado. Today, we can continue to see the Harvest AL real estate market begin to pick up as many homes for sale in Madison County become available. Additional information regarding the history of Harvest, Alabama can be found at the official Madison County website.

Harvest Parks and Recreation

In addition to Harvest real estate and Harvest properties being built in the area, parks and recreation are popping up for residents to enjoy on a daily basis. The parks and recreation department of the county provide sports and activities for children of all ages throughout planned project facilities and green spaces. Recreation centers, community centers, golf courses, sportsplexes and aquatic centers are all available here for residents to enjoy. City parks offers tennis courts, fields, playgrounds, restrooms and pavilions.

Harvest, Alabama Attractions

With the rising growth in real estate in Madison County, many choose to look at this location with the possibility of finding Harvest homes for sale. Before contacting a Harvest real estate agent, you may want to learn more about the attractions and amenities that are available in the area. It is important for many to have shops and attractions nearby. One of the most popular Harvest attractions that families can enjoy is the Limestone Zoological Park and Exotic Wildlife Refuge. Established in 1992, this attraction is home to a wide variety of orphaned animals.  The Harvest Hills Golf Course offers a beautiful 18-hole course for golf enthusiasts.

Events in Harvest, Alabama

Many festivals and events are held in Alabama's Madison County. The Madison City Farmers Market is one of the most popular events in the area. Here, residents can purchase fresh produce, eggs, meat and handmade crafts. Ongoing events include the Butterfly House, Wildlife Sanctuary Exhibit and more. Speak with a Harvest Realtor today to become a Harvest Home Buyer in this up-and-coming area.

MADISON COUNTY SCHOOLS WEBSITEhttps://www.madison.k12.al.us/default_copy.aspx

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